Modern Sportsfish

Outriggers have been essential to the success of offshore fishermen since Capt. Tommy Gifford patched together his first poles of bamboo and cane, and proceeded to catch an Atlantic blue marlin with the novel accoutrements. His original attempts to skip bait on the surface and deliver a smooth drop-back to billfish were well received throughout the burgeoning sportfishing industry and many anglers were keen on the concept—not the material.

Photo: Ernest Hemingway Collection / John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

It was a historic day in 1947 when the Rybovich brothers splashed the cedar-planked Miss Chevy II. Among the many pioneering features displayed aboard the first custom sportfish ever built, aluminum outriggers with spreaders and stay wires were far superior to the archaic alternatives. But even as glimmers of the technological future were emerging, much would seem primitive today. With increasingly complex systems found aboard modern sportfish yachts, it has become apparent that aluminum outriggers with spreaders are objectively outdated.

Today’s new breed of sportfishers are fueled by innovation, and so are the techniques that our current fisheries demand. With the strain of a triple-tier dredge teaser, gale force fishing kite, high-speed wahoo spread or blue marlin that’s hung up in the squid chain, aluminum outrigger poles, backbars, spreaders, and stay wires have literally been pushed to their breaking point. At GEMLUX, we understand there is significant opportunity for innovation in carbon fiber products that are better suited for the unique loading demands of fishing outriggers. Five years ago, we introduced the number one selling carbon fiber outrigger system for center consoles. Now we aim to do the same for the sportfish market.

 Showcasing our engineering-driven focus and continued development of new and improved products, we present the sportfish outrigger in an entirely new form—sleek carbon fiber poles without spreaders and stay wires. Proving that innovative thinking combined with modern engineering and a ton of testing can dramatically improve fishing success for captains and crew around the world, the sportfish outrigger takes our core principles in carbon fiber construction to new heights. As teaser shots and videos of a brand-new Viking 46 Billfish with 40-foot carbon fiber outriggers have surfaced, we invite you to follow along as we continue to test and refine the only significant advancement to the sportfish outrigger in more than half a century.

Outriggers Are Evolving

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