Gulf Stream 74
  • The GS-74 is the ultimate outrigger, with lengths beyond 40 feet and unmatched strength for pulling the heaviest spreads without the maintenance of unsightly spreaders and wires.
  • The GS-74's modular design enables customization to suit your boat and the season, with various back bars and layout arms available, including multiple-length configurations.
  • External rigging halyard guides with large-diameter Harken ball bearing rollers are excellent for kite fishing with smooth, snag-free designs, and also smoothly pass halyard hardware and reduce memory in the halyard line
  • A full suite of attachment accessories for dredges, teasers, action cameras, and more is available.
  • The patent-pending Lift and Lock layout arm offsets the already light weight of our carbon fiber outrigger with a spring-assisted telescoping design. Furthermore, the arm automatically locks in the full extended position to prevent unwanted outrigger movement but automatically unlocks and retrieves with a gentle pull of the retrieval leash. The outrigger then stows into the automatically-locking receiver system without any input from the operator, pulled into place by the Lift and Lock spring assist.