Bluewater Carbon Fiber Internal Boat Outriggers Systems & Bases
Our Bluewater Internally Rigged Outriggers offer a sleek, snag-free design boasting extra-thick 100% carbon fiber tubes. Our team of engineers used advanced manufacturing techniques and materials such as computer-aided design, 3D printing, CNC machining, robotic laser-cutting, carbon fiber composites, and titanium to reinvent this product to make fishing the best experience it can possibly be. 

These are the thickest, stiffest self-supporting outriggers ever made. AFTCO stainless-steel rollers withstand season after season of fishing, and our coupler provides convenient quick assembly and disassembly for storage or transport. We tested and broke hundreds of poles before finding the optimum strength and weight efficiency for the externally-rigged outriggers. These new outrigger poles build upon that knowledge and take advantage of the internally-rigged construction to further reinforce each pole section for the ultimate in outrigger stiffness and stability.

To keep outrigger operation easy, we ensured that the weight is distributed towards the base of the pole, where it won’t resist rotation of the outrigger as you're operating your GEMLUX® Bluewater Base. While you might feel a couple of extra pounds when you pick one up, that extra material is the key to these outriggers’ unparalleled performance. We designed each component to accommodate smooth line routing that a single person can accomplish without tools, even with fully assembled outriggers. 

These intricate design details also allow for an optimal kite fishing experience. Our Internal Poles can also be rerigged offshore, allowing you to keep fishing without interruption. Finally, these beauties come in a standard 96” box shipped right to your doorstep.