Where to Mount Rod Holders on a Boat | Mount a Rod Holder

Where to Mount Rod Holders on a Boat

Every fisherman knows that it isn't always possible to keep their hands on their rod at all times—after all, boats need to be steered, hooks need to be baited, and sandwiches need to be eaten. If you're like most fishermen, you already know that the moment you set your rod down to attend to something else is when the fish are most likely to bite. If you're tired of not coming home with the catch you want, it's time to mount rod holders on your boat. Whether you're fishing by kayak, rowboat, small outboard skiff, or larger vessel, you can increase your chances of catching fish simply by mounting rod holders on your boat. As a bonus, if you're one of those who loves fishing alone or just happen to find yourself in that situation from time to time, you'll be able to catch twice the amount of fish if you mount rod holders on your boat. If you've got a larger boat and frequently fish with friends and family, you can install enough multiple rod holders so that there's one for everyone.

Where to Mount Rod Holders

Theoretically, you can install rod holders anywhere on your boat. But for the best performance, you'll need to find an accessible area without getting in your way when you're busy with other activities. To make it easy to fish while you're steering the boat, place the rod holder at a 90-degree angle from the centerline, making sure the area under the gunwale is free of wires and other potential obstructions.

How to Install Rod Holders

The first step in mounting a fishing rod holder is to carefully apply protective tape to the area involved and drill a pilot hole in the intended location. Next, use a straight edge to ensure that the rod holder is squarely in the middle of the gunwale and use your drill to cut out the hole for the rod holder. Place the rod holder in the hole to make sure it's a good fit. Using a side-cutting bit, notch out the desired angle and place the rod holder back into the hole. After making sure it's 100% flush with the gunwale, install the spacer and the backing nut that hold the rod holder in place. Tighten them down as hard as possible to ensure they remain in place—pulling the rod holder back and forth several times allows more room to tighten it down harder.

The last step is to remove the protective tape and to clean the area thoroughly with a clean rag and rubbing alcohol.

What to Know About Mounting Rod Holders

Mounting rod holders by yourself is a fairly straightforward procedure if you have the right tools and some basic knowledge of how they work. It's a reasonably quick and inexpensive upgrade that brings real value to your boating experience. Contact us at GemLux to find out more about rod holders—whether you want to install one or twenty-one on your boat, we've got the right ones for you.