What Degree Boat Rod Holder Do I Need? 0°,15°,30° Degree Rod Holders

What Degree Rod Holder Do I Need for My Boat?

When you’re adding rod holders to your boat, what kind you get and where you place them differs based on the type of fishing you plan on doing. The angle of the holder also depends on placement and the kind of rod you are using.

In addition to selecting the right degree rod holder, you should always buy the best quality product for the type of fishing you will use it for. For example, you don’t want to purchase a rod holder for light fishing on lakes if you plan on deep-sea fishing. If you do, you might end up losing the holder and gear.

Below, we’re discussing the different types of rod holders and how to determine which is right for your boat. Let’s take a look!

0-Degree Rod Holders

A 0-degree fishing rod holder holds the rod nearly straight up, keeping the line closer to the boat. You’ll need to watch where you place them to prevent the line from getting tangled in the motors.

The best places to use a 0-degree rod holder are the side/transom corners of the vessel, with one on each side. This placement allows you to move a cutting board or a bait board from side to side with ease. With a 0-degree holder, you won’t have to adjust the board every time you want to move it.

15-Degree Rod Holders

The 15-degree rod holder is the most popular option because you can put it in any location on the boat, except for the transom. For the best results, put it on the corner of the transom and the side of the boat, ensuring that it is angled away from outboard motors.

You can even add 15-degree holders to a tabletop, so the rods are stored out of the way. This also keeps the rod off the floor where someone could step on it while you’re rigging your line. Mix and match with plain rod holders and cup holder rod holders for the ultimate workstation.

30-Degree Rod Holders

The 30-degree rod holder helps angle the rod farther away from the boat. It’s best to use these when you want to get the tip of your rod beyond a dredge pole or your outboard motors – or out of whitewater caused by trolling.

If you want to deep drop with a bent butt rod, using a 30-degree fishing rod holder allows you to wind up with ease. Plus, 30-degree with a swivel will let you leave the rod in and move it to the left or right as needed.

Stainless-Steel Fishing Rod Holders

The last thing you want is for a rod holder to fail at the moment you’re reeling in your trophy catch. Luckily, stainless steel offers an excellent solution. This is because stainless-steel fishing rod holders significantly mitigate rust and erosion. Plus, the steel is harder, which makes it strong enough to withstand heavy loads. They’re also aesthetically pleasing and are less likely to pit over time, meaning your boat will always look great.

While you can use aluminum, fiberglass, nylon, ABS plastic, zinc, or chrome-plated brass rod holders, these metals will corrode faster than stainless steel. Non-metal holders, on the other hand, won’t corrode at all, but they are not sturdy enough for fishing in rough water or the ocean.

Swivel Fishing Rod Holders

When you want to adjust for different types of fishing, such as kite fishing, curve butt rods, straight stock rods, bottom fishing, or live bait fishing, swivel holders allow you to fine-tune the position of the rod. You can even tune the placement for environmental factors, such as current, wind and tide conditions, or whether you are at anchor, drifting, or trolling. Gemlux swivel fishing rod holders come in 0-degree, 15-degree, and 30-degree configurations.

Cup Holder Fishing Rod Holders

When you plan on investing in more than one or two fishing rod holders, consider adding a few with cup holders. These fishing accessories double as places to put cups, cans, and other drinks, so you won’t have to worry about spilling. Our cup holder fishing rod holders come in 0-degree, 15-degree, and 30-degree designs and have drains at the bottom that you can leave open or close off.

Make Your Fishing Trip More Productive with Gemlux

When you add fishing rod holders from Gemlux in strategic positions around your boat’s gunnel, you can work several rods at one time and bring in more fish. Regardless of the type of fishing you do, you can easily install our flush-mount rod holders to make your trip more productive.

For more information about our rod holders and other fishing and boating products, contact Gemlux today! We’re happy to answer your questions and help you identify the best product for your needs.