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Catch More with Sportfishing Outriggers from Gemlux

There's nothing quite like spending the day out on the water fishing for a great catch. But fishing without the right equipment has its complications. If you’re spending the day untangling lines, you’ll waste precious trolling time. Plus, fishing without outriggers can result in your lines dragging in the boat’s wake (where you won’t catch any fish).

That's where our top-of-the-line sportfish outriggers come in handy. Ideal for deep-sea fishing, our outriggers for sportfishing are designed to cast multiple lines from various parts of the boat. They also keep the bait far from your boat's wake. Fishing with outriggers is a lot more productive than continuous casting and reeling in, and you won't have to worry about tangling lines.

But it should go without saying that some outriggers are better than others. If you're serious about bringing in a solid catch, you'll want to invest in sportfishing outriggers that are purpose-built for serious fishermen. That's where Gemlux's sportfishing outriggers come in handy. Here’s everything you need to know about how our outriggers maximize your potential to bring home a sweet catch!

Gemlux Gulf Stream Sportfish Outriggers

Gemlux’s Gulf Stream Sportsfishing Outriggers are where innovation and advanced engineering meet deep-sea fishing. Made of carbon fiber, these outriggers feature telescoping layout arm systems (as opposed to a folding elbow-style system), making it easier to retrieve and deploy them. They're designed to be easily adjustable and require minimal physical activity to operate compared to conventional systems. Easily adjust the outriggers to run them low for more bait speed or increase their height for slower bait speed.

Regardless of the type of fish you're angling for, Gemlux's Gulf Stream outriggers maximize your chances of hooking one. 

Key Features 

What separates Gemlux Gulf Stream Sportfish Outriggers from others on the market? Here are a few features that make our outrigger systems top-notch:

No Spreaders

On most outrigger systems, the mounting points need to be offset to allow adequate room when the outriggers are stowed. There are no spreaders on the Gemlux Gulf Stream outriggers, which means they can be mounted closer to the boat. This doesn't just free up more space on the gunwale, but also just looks better.

Effortless Fishing

Outriggers are supposed to make fishing easier and more productive. Gemlux's Gulf Stream Outriggers take this concept to the next level. Thanks to a telescoping and locking arm layout, fishing is even more effortless. These outriggers provide a stable platform for bait speed and take much of the physical effort out of setting lines when you're out on the water.

Heavy-Duty Mounts

Gemlux's Gulf Stream outriggers are designed to minimize complexity. The mounting design eliminates excess wear and tear on mounting hardware and works to maximize reliability. These heavy-duty mounts offer ideal support for bait speed and can be easily disconnected from the outrigger without any tools for maintenance purposes. They also allow your boat to sail under low bridges when heading out to your favorite fishing spot.

Carbon Fiber 

We use carbon fiber for stiffness, strength, and a lightweight design. It’s also much more resistant to corrosion than other metals. Specifically, carbon fiber is used in association with lightweight aluminum for a design that prevents electrolysis and other debilitating chemical reactions.

We’re Big on Design

Another design enhancement worth mentioning is the pole coupling on the outriggers. It's designed to provide a clean exterior – even when externally rigged. Accessory clamps also allow users to adjust teaser and dredge placement with ease. A locking telescoping layout arm helps reduce retrieval efforts.

Fish More Efficiently with Gemlux 

For more information on how our Gulf Stream Sportfishing Outriggers allow you to catch more fish and stay productive out on the water, contact us today.