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Wahoo Fishing Tackle For Your Charter

Wahoo is a fish prized by sports fishermen found in tropical and semi-tropical waters. As a fast fish that puts up a good fight once caught on the line, Wahoo can grow as large as 50 pounds and are found just a short distance from land. The season that’s best for catching Wahoo runs from summer through fall in the waters around the Hawaiian islands. However, on the other side of the Western Hemisphere in the Bahamas, ideal Wahoo fishing occurs mid-winter and early spring.

Wahoo have clear eyesight, razor blade-sharp teeth, and are often finicky. Wahoo doesn't travel in tight schools like their tuna counterparts, making them more difficult to locate using fishfinder technology. So, what exactly do you need to catch these complex fishes? The right Wahoo fishing tackle. Knowing where to find the fish and what lure works best is the only way to ensure you embark on a successful Wahoo fishing trip.

The Right Wahoo Fishing Tackle

Although fishing charters come with no guarantees, the right types of Wahoo fishing lures and other tackle optimize chances. Wahoo is a predatory fish species, meaning that they feed on smaller fish and swim up to 60 mph to pursue their prey. The following are several tips and tricks designed to help both charter boat operators and their passengers get the most from their Wahoo fishing trips:

Choose Optimal Trolling Speed

As this particular species travels at such a fast clip, getting the right trolling speed down is crucial. Experts recommend high-speed trolling at no slower than 14 knots to attract Wahoo’s attention in the area and cover as much ground as possible.

After all, the species evolved as lighting-fast swimmers to catch prey that moves quickly through the water. Slow trolling can produce great results in limited circumstances, such as trolling with a ballyhoo lure under the surface of floating debris where this species commonly gathers. This is where a good captain’s expertise comes in. They’ll know the local spots where these fish are likely to be found.

Use a Six-Lure Spread

Wahoo typically stay under the waves, so you will have a better chance of getting a bite if you use a six-lure spread with each lure at staggered distances to emulate the motion of a school of fish. This strategy mimics the movement of the natural prey of Wahoo and is more likely to be tempting for this species. As a bonus, six-lure spreads are manageable even on small vessels.

Incorporate Colorful Trolling Lures

When it comes to catching Wahoo, seasoned anglers find the most success using colorful and bright trolling lures. Switch up what colors you use throughout your trip, from vibrant blues and greens to pinks and yellows.

Follow a Zig-Zag Pattern

Trolling in a zig-zag pattern instead of in a straight line is another way to emulate prey’s natural movement as it swims through the water. Most experts suggest alternating 20-degree turns for the best results.

GemLux Wahoo Fishing Tackle

Although the occasional bad day is bound to happen during any Wahoo fishing trip, you can hedge your bets by implementing the strategies listed above to keep those unlucky outings to a minimum. To learn more about Wahoo tackle and lures at Gemlux, contact us today!