Essential New Boat Supplies | Boating Supplies for New Fishing Vessels

What Supplies Do I Need for My New Boat?

Few things are more exciting than buying a new boat – except for taking it out on the water for a fishing trip for the first time. However, if you want to have the best possible experience, it's important that your new boat is properly outfitted before heading out. You probably already know that you need good safety gear and a well-stocked first aid kit, but what else should you have on your boat?

Certain marine supplies not only make your trip more comfortable, but they also may result in a more successful ocean fishing experience. Let’s take a closer look at some essential new boat supplies to add to your vessel.


Outrigger systems are comprised of long poles designed to hold fishing line away from the immediate sides of the boat. They are especially useful for trolling, as they allow you to run multiple lines off the back of your vessel without them getting tangled up. Outriggers also keep your bait far away from the disruptive whitewater behind your boat, which helps to increase your chances of hooking a fish by improving visibility.

With pole lengths of up to 22 feet, GemLux offers several outrigger systems designed to meet a variety of personal needs and preferences. Some options even allow you to engage in high-speed trolling and use multiple baits and heavy dredges. Our outriggers feature high-quality carbon construction for optimal strength and functionality.

Boat Shades

Boat shades attach to outrigger poles to provide cooling shade on hot summer days on the water. Although this seems like more of a luxury than anything else, huddling under the T-top to avoid the sun's rays isn't going to result in catching more fish. A good boat shade allows you and your passengers to relax and focus on what's important – the fishing. You can use our shade calculator at GemLux to determine the perfect fit for your specific vessel.

Rod Holders

As their name implies, rod holders exist to hold your fishing rods. This keeps your arms free to steer the boat and allows you to fish with multiple lines. GemLux offers a wide range of durable, high-quality rod holders to fit your needs. Not sure which option is best? We even have a helpful diagram to guide you to the right product:

For more information about our boating supplies, contact GemLux today. Or, browse our video section to see our products in action!