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Must-Have Fishing Boat Accessories for Hardcore Fishermen and Women

Florida's coral reefs, estuaries, and deep sea fishing make this an extraordinary place for anyone who wants to enjoy the boating lifestyle all year long. But making the most of every day on the water starts with having all the essentials you need for comfort and style. If you want to deck out your boat in top-notch gear to upgrade the boating and fishing experience, you'll need some cool fishing boat accessories from Gemlux

Here are some of our must-have boat accessories for hardcore fishermen.

Gemlux Rod and Cup Holders

Stainless steel rod holders and cupholders will never rust! These holders were engineered with the most serious fishermen in mind and can be fastened to either side of your vessel. Whether you're trying to catch a swordfish or a red snapper, you can rest assured your fishing rod (and cold beverage) is stable and secure. Our rod and cup holders are designed to endure even on the roughest of seas and in the toughest of weather.

Carbon Fiber Outriggers

Outriggers are for only the most serious deep-sea fishermen, and Gemlux has you covered in this area, too. We offer a massive range of outrigger options that can be used to help you reel in a trophy fish –  with poles up to 22 feet in length. If you opt for a complete GEMLUX® Fishing System on your boat, you will be able to:

  • Fish a wider area around and behind your vessel.
  • Prevent time-consuming knots and tangled lines.
  • Keep bait and teasers in the water where fish can see them.
  • Get a better view of fish outside the whitewater.

Simply put, having dual outriggers on your vessel allows you to spread bait over a wider area while preventing your lines from crossing. Anyone who doesn't have a pair of dual carbon fiber outriggers will be jealous of your results from every fishing trip!

Boat Shades

Boat shades speak for themselves when it comes to must-have fishing boat accessories. Florida (and other popular fishing destinations) can average up to 95 degrees during peak season on the water, so it makes sense to want to protect yourself from the heat and the sun's UV rays. Even in the “cooler” months, the sun's intensity is still high, and the risk of too much sun exposure is even higher when cruising on the water’s reflective surface.

To help you stay cool and protected from the sun, Gemlux offers a variety of sun shades to choose from, including fly sun shades for small, medium, or large boats, pontoon boat sun shade systems, and ultralight marine umbrellas that are simple for one-person setup. Check out our inventory of boat shades if you want to beat the heat and the sun's rays while living the Florida boating lifestyle!

Dredge Boom

Your engine or trolling motor creates a wake behind your boat. This wake tends to push fish away from your boat, making it harder to reel in a catch. So how do you solve this problem? A Dredge Boom is the best possible solution! We have spent hundreds of hours on the water designing and testing this system to ensure that it will increase your chances of hooking a fish, keeping it on the line, and ultimately slapping it on your grill for supper.

Installing a dredge boom on your boat allows you to catch bigger fish and maneuver more easily when you or one of the fishermen on your boat has one on the line. The Gemlux Dredge Boom doesn't protrude high up into the air, so when you have a fish on the line, you can simply swing your pole over the boom and continue reeling a big fish in. 

Installation Tools

If you are an excellent handyman around the house and have the expertise to start drilling holes in the hull of the boat you spent thousands and thousands of dollars on, go right ahead! But, we recommend a different route (even to the most equipped handymen). 

If you want to install new equipment or accessories on your boat, the best solution is to invest in installation tools to make the process seamless (and stress-free). Drilling holes in your boat without the proper equipment is never a good idea, and we have specially designed tools that will get the job done right the first time.

Stock Up on Stylish (and Functional) Boating and Fishing Accessories From Gemlux

Don't settle for second-best when it comes to your fishing boat accessories. At Gemlux, we spend most of our time on the water, perfecting our fishing and recreational products for our customers to give you your best shot at catching something really worthwhile. If you're ready to upgrade your vessel with all the bells and whistles, contact us to learn how Gemlux products can improve every aspect of your fishing experience.