Easy Boat Modifications | Easy Boat Mods for Center Console Boats

6 Easy Boat Mods Perfect For Your Center Console Boat

Modifications and upgrades are one of the pleasures of owning a boat. The boating and fishing market always promotes new gadgets and essential upgrades that can improve your experience on the water.

The best thing about boat mods is that there are options available at every price point. No matter what your budget is, you can add something fresh and new to enhance your boat's appearance and function. These center console boat mods are easy to deploy and will give you a thrill every time you head out on the water.

Here are six ways to upgrade your vessel to enjoy cruising in comfort and style.

1. Upgrade Your Fish Finder

Is your fish finder's screen becoming difficult to read? If the screen is sun damaged, there's a good chance that the software inside could use an upgrade, too. You'd be amazed by how much better an up-to-date unit will look and perform.

This can be an expensive and indulgent upgrade if a high-end model is in the budget. However, there are quality fish finders available at a range of price points. Compare models and prices to balance out the features you want with how much you want to spend.

2. Add More Fishing Rod Holders

Can you ever have enough rod holders? This is one of the easiest boat mods available if you go with surface-mounted models or ones that clamp on the rail.

But, even if you are doing a permanent installation, all that is required is a small cut-out to fit your new rod holder. We like these Deluxe rod holders from our Coastal line; 316 cast stainless steel means they are durable and will stand up to salt exposure and the mirror polish adds shine.

You can even add an outrigger rod holder or two. These add visual appeal to your boat while keeping your rod and lines out of your way.

3. Install a New Stainless Steel Steering Wheel

Consider upgrading to a stainless steel steering wheel. High-quality steel resists corrosion and salt while adding a touch of class to your center console. Choose a space-saving 13-inch model, or opt for the ease of a larger wheel.

Boat wheels are fairly easy to remove and install. Universal construction means that whichever model you pick, you will find a perfect fit. In most cases, the only tool you'll need is a rubber strap wrench to tighten your new steering wheel down.

4. Add More Cupholders

When it comes to easy boat modifications, you can't beat cupholders. Many can be installed with no tools, putting them at the top of the list of easy boat mods. Look for rail-mounted, stick-on, or suction cup models if you want an installation-free option.

If you are looking for a more permanent mod, though, do not discount installing a couple of recessed cupholders. Locate a spot, make sure you know what's behind it, then drill with the appropriate sized hole drill bit. Press your cupholder into place and enjoy.

5. Integrate Smart Devices and Update Your Stereo System

Smart devices aren't just great for your home; they're also exciting mods for your boat. If you've been wanting to upgrade your stereo system, take a look at some of the new options.

Newer stereos can connect with your phone to greatly expand your music repertoire when you are on the boat. Smart lighting makes it possible to control your boat lighting without ever leaving your seat. Upgraded solar arrays can help ensure your systems stay charged even if you have to be away for a bit.

6. Improve Your Onboard Lighting

The right lighting makes all the difference in the look and feel of your boat. Today's LEDs can add lots of light with low power demand and are available in a range of color options, as well. Opt for the blue light to keep you alert, or red-tinted lights to avoid night blindness.

Boat lighting also comes in an array of attractive styles. LED strip lighting is easy to install. Just put in the strip and brighten up your deck or get a better view into recessed storage lockers.

With so many easy boat mods available, you can upgrade your vessel without a huge investment of time or money. Even the smallest upgrade can provide utility and pleasure, making every day you spend boating a good one. For the best carbon fiber fishing gear and stainless steel marine hardware, choose Gemlux. We’re here to ensure your ship is in shape!