How to Install a Dredge Boom on Your Boat | Fishing with a Dredge Boom

How to Install A Dredge Boom on Your Boat to Catch Bigger Fish

When you want to increase the productivity of your trolling speed – and bring in bigger fish – try fishing with a dredge boom. This boating accessory helps you attract your catch from a distance by simulating a school of fish. Billfish, wahoo, kingfish, and Mahi will all come closer to your boat when you use a dredge boom for fishing.

Gemlux carries a complete dredge boom kit that includes electronics, or you can purchase the parts you need if you have a setup that you want to upgrade. Read on to learn how to install this tool on your vessel to enjoy better fishing days:

Benefits of Fishing with a Dredge Boom

Rigging a dredge boom allows the dredge teaser to ride in clean water, away from the wake created by engines or trolling motors. This setup also keeps the teaser line away from the boat’s running gear.

When you use a dredge boom, you put a lot of weight on the attachment point, so it’s crucial to rig it correctly. The weight comes from the pressure of the forward speed pushing on the dredge teaser, the bait, and the teaser itself. Installing a dredge boom properly ensures that your boat is safe and you don’t lose your gear.

Installing a Dredge Boom

Ready to set up your dredge boom? First, find the best spot for your rig near the midship and orient it perpendicular to the centerline of the boat. This ensures that the force pulls astern. When you attach the rod butt to the vessel, make sure you through-bolt it and reinforce it with a backing plate.

Next, attach the electric motor to the rod butt if you haven’t done so already. Simply slide the rod butt into the clamps on the motor, make sure it’s centered, and install the locking rings. You should tighten the rod butt clamps to 15 pound-feet of torque.

After the rod butt clamps are tightened, rig up the number 40 and number 20 pulleys with about six inches of monofilament for each (or whatever your preferred length is). On the other end, attach the corkscrew swivel. Then, slide the number 40 rigged pulley on the line, followed by the number 20 rigged pulley. Crimp the clip-on tightly – if it comes loose, you’ll lose all of your tackle.

Next, extend the dredge boom and slide it into the rod butt. Hand-tighten the collar and clip the safety line onto one of the rings. Run the safety line to a cleat about six feet away and tie it off, making sure you have a lot of tension. This helps to alleviate the stress on the rod butt and the dredge boom.

Then, thread the line from the electric motor between the guides, ensuring that you get it in straight. Pull the line out and clip the number 40 pulley on the middle ring on the dredge holder. Next, clip the number 20 pulley on the top clip ring of the dredge.

Finally, wire the dredge boom motor as directed in the instructions. Then, attach the dredge teaser and gear to the line, bait up, and have fun!

Using the Block and Tackle

While you can use a block at the end of the boom, you’ll be able to deploy and reel in the dredge teaser easier with the two-pulley setup. However, using a block is typically reserved for lightweight teasers. If you want to use a heavier teaser with more bait or heavier bait, having a second block and tackle makes it easier to pull the dredge teaser in when you’re ready to reload it or when you’re done for the day.

The Gemlux dredge boom’s 100-pound test braided line and the double block and tackle setup allow you to pull any type of teaser you want, including linear squid chains. You can even use the Gemlux dredge boom as a downrigger.

Configurations to Attract the Biggest Fish

Depending on what you are fishing for, the Gemlux dredge boom allows you to configure your teasers with soft-plastic swimbait, reflective mylar strips, rigged natural bait trailed by a lure, rubber squid, and more. With a six-arm spreader that spans up to four feet, you can simulate a larger school for your target fish. You can even run two or more dredge teasers in tandem if the sea conditions are right.

Enhance Your Fishing Trip with Help from Gemlux

Ready to reel in bigger, better fish? Visit Gemlux to shop our carbon-fiber retractable dredge booms and dredge boom kits. The full kit comes with the wiring for the electric reel, or you can buy the pieces you need separately if your boat is already wired or you already have an electric reel but want a better dredge boom.

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