How to Use a Camera While Boating | Camera Mount for Boats

How to Use a Camera While Boating

What’s better than a day spent out on the water? Nothing – that’s what. And whether you’re reeling in your next big catch or simply catching some rays with friends, documenting your adventures is always a good idea.

However, taking pictures and recording videos isn’t always convenient when you’re busy casting your line or finding the best spot to anchor. Fortunately, you don't have to miss out on capturing memorable moments while out on the water when you invest in a camera mount for boats.

Invest in a Quality Camera Mount for Boats

If you’re going to be using a camera while boating, it’s best to invest in a compact, waterproof option. There are plenty of cameras available that pack larger-than-life resolution into a tiny, easy to handle body. One of our favorite options on the market is a small, water-resistant action camera that can be used just about anywhere – the GoPro! And thanks to our GoPro mount for boats, your camera doesn’t have to be stationary – you have the option of placing it wherever you want.

GemLux’s Carbon Camera Boom allows boat owners to place their device anywhere they want without having to rely on complicated and expensive equipment. You don’t even need tools for setup, so you can leave your screwdriver at home. The SeaSucker vacuum cup lets you place the Carbon Camera Boom on nearly any surface and begin recording right away – it’s that easy! Plus, the Carbon Camera Boom’s lightweight construction makes it easy to throw in your fishing bag.

Our marine camera boom is compatible with most popular action camera brands and can help you achieve unique filming angles. You won't even have to deal with the awkwardness of holding up a selfie stick to get that prized photograph! The Carbon Camera Boom allows you to keep your hands free to steer the boat, bait your hook, or simply grab another drink from the cooler.

Where to Mount Your Boat Camera

As mentioned earlier, you can mount your boat camera anywhere you like depending on what you want to record. For example, you can attach your camera to your boat’s back running mount to capture water skiers or place it on the side of your boat to record fishing videos. You can even move it to several different locations over the course of the day.

Looking to document your entire fishing trip? Try setting up a few camera mounts on various areas of your boat. Then, all you have to do is quickly switch the camera to get the angle you want. It’s the easiest way to make sure you don’t miss that record catch.

Choose GemLux for Reliable, High-Quality Boat Accessories

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