How to Rig Outriggers on a Center Console | How to Use Outriggers

How to Rig and Use Outriggers On Your Center Console Boat

If you do any sort of deep sea fishing or fish in large bodies of water, chances are that you use outriggers to help reel in your catch. While outriggers may be most commonly installed on the sides and stern of boats, they can also be set up on center consoles. 

Here we'll review some of the benefits of using outriggers to fish and discuss a few key setup configurations you'll want to keep in mind when installing them on a center console boat. 

Outriggers 101

Outriggers are long poles designed to hold fishing lines. While they're typically installed on the sides of the boat, outriggers can also be set up in the center console. Outriggers are best installed on larger boats and tend to be particularly useful when it comes to catching larger species of fish. When the fishing line is placed into the outriggers, it can drag through the water as the boat trolls slowly. If there's a bite, the outriggers are reeled in using a system of pulleys and clips.

Many fishermen prefer using outriggers over the conventional cast and reel method of fishing, especially on larger bodies of water, for the variety of benefits that they offer. These include:

  • Prevention of tangled lines. Outriggers permit fishermen to set several lines at once all around the vessel. This helps to cover a more significant area of water around the boat, and you won't have to worry about casting over others.
  • Better chances of reeling in fish. When used correctly, outriggers can result in more productive fishing. In addition to covering more water and keeping bait out of the wake where fish are less likely to swim, outriggers allow fishermen to drag the bait and lures further out where they’re more likely to get a bite.

Wondering how to use outriggers on a boat? Here’s everything you need to know about how to rig outriggers.

How to Set Up Outriggers on a Center Console Boat

When it comes to using outriggers on the center console, there are a few things you need to do to make the setup process a little easier. Center console boats tend to be smaller than the big boat trollers that outriggers are often installed on. However, this doesn't mean that fishermen can't enjoy many of the benefits that outriggers offer on these types of watercraft as well. Here is our complete guide to how to fish with outriggers on a center console boat.

Decide on the Length of the Pole

Outriggers are available in lengths of up to 22 feet, so it's important to decide how long of an outrigger you need for your boat. Some outriggers even come with a collapsible center, which can help maximize length while making it easy to store when not in use. We suggest settling on an outrigger crafted from carbon fiber, as it tends to be lightweight and more rust resistant compared to other materials.

Know How to Secure the Outrigger to the Center Console When Not in Use

Outriggers for fishing are one thing, but you also need an easy way to store them when they're not in use. One way is mounting straps on the T-top center console, which can easily hold the line when not in use.

Know Your Attachment Point

When the outriggers are in use, they need an attachment point for trolling. Determine your attachment points before installation.

Ease of Adjustment is Critical

Once you have some of the basics decided, it's time to work on the mechanism. Many center console outriggers are equipped with snap swivels to act as stops and release clips that are used when it's time to fish.

Remember, part of the reason that you're putting in the work to install outriggers is so that you can fish more productively when you're out on the water. Noting this, it's important to find an outrigger that works for you. If you spend all your time on the water setting up and stowing away your outrigger, you're going to leave less time for yourself to fish.

The Boating and Fishing Gear You Need to Troll with Ease

For more information on how to rig and use outriggers on a center console boat, contact Gemlux. With our top-rated carbon fiber outrigger systems and quality marine hardware, we can equip your center console boat with everything it needs for a successful day of fishing.