How to Install a DIY Rod Holder for Your Boat | DIY Fishing Rod Holder

How to Install DIY Fishing Rod Holders on Your Boat

Fishing rod holders provide a multitude of advantages. Whether you're fishing alone or with friends or family, having a boat that's properly equipped with good rod holders gives you added versatility and convenience. Not only do these devices free up your hands to steer the vessel, but they also allow you to run multiple lines at once. And of course, with more lines in the water comes more opportunities for reeling in a big one. As an added bonus, rod holders can also serve as cocktail, coffee, or soft drink holders to keep beverages from spilling all over the deck while you're fishing.

Many fishermen, regardless of their experience levels, agree that rod holders provide a better overall fishing experience. However, before you add these useful devices to your boat, it's essential to choose the right rod holder for your vessel and to follow best practices during the installation process.

Below, we’re sharing our tips for installing DIY fishing rod holders on your boat. Let’s take a look!

Determine the Right Location

Finding the perfect location for your rod holders is perhaps the more important part of the installation process. After all, without proper placement, you’re unlikely to enjoy the full extent of benefits that these products can offer. To determine the best location, you will need to take a good look at your boat and identify which areas are both accessible and out-of-the-way. This ideal placement allows you to quickly grab your fishing rod when you get a bite without interfering with other essential activities while you’re on the water.

For most boats, the main rod holder (the one that is used by the person operating the boat) is best placed at a 90-degree angle from the vessel’s centerline. However, other areas require different positions. As a general rule, the greater the angle, the more space you'll need below the gunwale. And no matter what, the holder should always be positioned in the exact center. After you figure out the sweet spot and have ensured that it doesn't conflict with any existing equipment, tape off the location to prepare it for installation.

Use the Right Tools

To install your fishing rod holders, you'll first need to drill a hole in the gunwale. After doing this, place the rod holder inside the hole to ensure that it's a proper fit, and if it is, remove the protective tape. Using 4200 marine sealant, place the rod holder back in and make sure it's flush with the gunwale. Don’t worry if some sealant squeezes out on the sides – this can be cleaned up later.

The next step is to install the backing nut and spacer using the GemLux installation socket. After putting another good squeeze of 4200 marine sealant around the base of the rod holder, tighten it down as hard as you can. For added stability, move the rod holder back and forth. After you've tightened the rod holder, the final step is to thoroughly clean the area using a rag treated with an alcohol-based marine cleaner. Then, allow it to dry completely before taking your boat out on the water.

Ready to Enhance Your Fishing Experience? GemLux Can Help

One of the best ways to improve your fishing trips and add value to your boat is by installing DIY rod holders. GemLux offers a variety of high-quality fishing rod holders to suit a wide range of personal needs and preferences. Our website also includes a wide selection of instructional videos to help you choose and install a DIY rod holder for your boat.

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