How to Install a Flag Pole for Boats | Installing a Boat Flag Holder

A Step-by-Step Guide to Mounting a Boat Flag Pole

There’s something about a flag waving proudly from a vessel on the water that looks classy and dignified. If you’re like many recreational boaters, you probably love the idea of flying your favorite flag on your vessel to show pride for your country, state, or school. However, a flag that isn’t properly affixed to the boat can present a sloppy appearance. Even worse, the flag pole could come undone while you’re out on the water, which could harm your boat and its occupants.

Keep in mind that your flag will only be as stable as the pole that’s installed on the vessel. If it’s flimsy or installed incorrectly, the flag won’t fly the way it should. Of course, the first step to ensuring that your flag looks great is to select the right boat flag pole and rod holder. Luckily, GemLux offers a variety of high-quality products that can help you fly your flag with pride.

The GemLux Coastal Hybrid Boat Flag Pole

Our hybrid flag pole is constructed from carbon fiber and is designed to work on a variety of different boats. Composite carbon fiber is an extremely strong yet lightweight material, making it ideal for use in both rod holders and flag poles. For optimal precision, we utilize 3D printing technology to ensure that each pole fits perfectly into our stainless-steel rod holders.

How to Install a Flag Pole for Boats

Our carbon composite boat flag holder is simple to set up thanks to its locking adapter, which ensures that the pole remains in place while your flag flies high. To install your flag pole, follow these easy steps:

  1. Place the pole into the fishing rod holders or rocket launchers on your vessel. If you don’t have holders already, GemLux can help. We offer a variety of high-quality rod holders that can be installed easily on several different types of vessels.
  2. Push the pole down as far as it will go to ensure it’s fully inserted.
  3. Twist the pole into the rod holder until it’s tight.
  4. Attach the flag of your choice and display it proudly!

The GemLux Coastal Hybrid Boat Flag Pole provides the durability you need while you’re on the water. We’ve even put this heavy-duty product to the test by taking it out as far as 90 miles offshore. After a long day of fishing on the open ocean, the flag pole remained in perfect condition.

In need of a new flag for your vessel? GemLux offers a three-foot by five-foot United States flag that’s complete with a reinforced duck heading and oversized brass grommets for added strength.

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