Everything You Need to Know About Outriggers for Fishing Boats

Everything You Need to Know About Outriggers for Fishing Boats

Deep-sea fishing offers many rewards – you get to enjoy time in an environment brimming with natural beauty, and you might just bring home some flavorful fare for the family table. However, some fishermen seem to catch more than others, and while it’s tempting to put this down to luck, that’s not quite the case. While the law of averages does kick in from time to time, allowing even the most novice anglers to have successful fishing trips now and then, those who experience consistent good fortune hedge their bets in a variety of ways. They may know where the fish are running at certain times, what type of bait is best, and which boat accessories are most likely to make a difference.

Fishing outriggers are one valuable accessory that successful sports fishermen depend on. Below, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about boat outriggers and how to use them.

How Fishing Outriggers Work

Outriggers are long poles that are fitted on both sides of a boat and are designed to hold fishing line. They allow you to reel in and release your fishing line via a system of pulleys and clips. Outrigger poles are available in many different lengths ranging from 12 to 35 feet. The ideal size is dependent upon the size of your vessel and your personal preferences. In addition to choosing your preferred pole length, you can also select from two different materials – carbon fiber or aluminum. However, many fishing enthusiasts agree that carbon fiber outriggers are the best option, as they are lightweight and less prone to corrosion and rust.

What Are Outriggers Used for on a Fishing Boat?

Outriggers are used for trolling, a fishing technique that involves dragging several fishing lines off the back of the boat as it moves through the water. And while it’s still possible to troll successfully without an outrigger system, many fishermen prefer to use them due to the variety of advantages they offer, including:

Preventing Tangled Lines

Tangled lines are one of the most aggravating things that can happen while deep-sea trolling. Outriggers allow you to set several lines at once, covering a wide span of water without creating tangles and knots.

Increased Chances of Hooking a Fish

In addition to keeping lines separate (which reduces downtime that would otherwise be spent untangling knots), outriggers also increase the chances of securing a catch. There are three specific ways that these systems can help you hook more fish:

  • Covering More Water – Because outriggers extend out on either side of the boat, they allow you to fish a larger span of ocean at once.
  • Keeping Bait Out of Whitewater – When boats move, they create whitewater (also known as a wake). Fish typically avoid swimming too close to vessels due to this stream of turbulent water. With an outrigger, you can place your bait farther away from the boat where the water is clear and still.
  • Providing a Clearer View of Fish – Whitewater also makes it difficult to see your fish while you are trying to hook them. However, by using outriggers to place lines far away from the boat, you’ll have a better view (which often results in more catches).

GemLux Outriggers Are a Cut Above

GemLux offers superior carbon fiber outriggers featuring lengths of up to 22 feet, as well as a variety of customization options to meet the needs and preferences of even the most serious sports fishermen. Our selection of outriggers includes:

  • The Bluewater Outrigger System, which features our innovative one-handle operation, allowing for streamlined control during rough conditions. The system also includes stainless-steel roller bearings for smooth, user-friendly use.
  • The Coastal Outrigger System, which won the 2020 Miami Boat Show Innovation award and offers an affordable solution for a variety of fishing needs. Our Coastal Outrigger Collapsible Hybrid poles are made from a cutting-edge carbon-fiber blend that provides the stiffness and durability of a traditional carbon-fiber outrigger at a lower price point.

For more information about our outrigger systems, contact GemLux today!