A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Outriggers | What Is an Outrigger?

A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Outriggers

Do you love to fish in the open waters of the ocean? Deep-sea fishing is an exciting activity, but it comes with a set of unique challenges, especially if you’re trolling. Specifically, it’s often difficult to keep your bait out of the whitewater created by the boat, which most fish avoid. Instead of returning to shore empty-handed, you can improve the outcome of your fishing trip with high-quality outriggers!

What is an outrigger? These fishing accessories are primarily used for deep-sea trolling. In short, they hold fishing lines away from the boat, which allows you to avoid tangled lines, keep bait out of your wake, fish a wider spread, and get a better view of your potential catches. Once you land a fish, the outrigger releases the line so that you can reel it in on your rod. 

Outriggers can also be set at different distances and depths. Plus, because you can put the outriggers in a variety of positions, you can create natural patterns with your bait, which increases your chances of catching something.

How Fishing Outriggers Work

Outriggers are mounted on the sides of a boat to hold fishing lines away from it. They use clips and pulleys to keep the lines exactly where you want them. You can purchase outriggers in many sizes ranging from 12 feet to 35 feet. The size you choose depends on how big your boat is and your specific preferences.

At Gemlux, we offer high-quality outriggers systems made from either carbon fiber or a carbon fiber blend and stainless steel. These materials reduce the risk of rust and corrosion and provide a sleek, polished appearance.

When to Use Outriggers

The best time to set outriggers is when you are trolling for fish. If you space your outriggers correctly, you can cover a lot of water with several lines – without the risk of frustrating tangles. Not only does this increase your odds of hooking something, but it also reduces time spent separating lines, allowing you to maximize your day on the water.

Gemlux Outrigger Systems

Gemlux offers three types of boat outriggers: Bluewater, Deluxe, and Coastal. Read more about each option below:

Bluewater Outrigger System

The Bluewater Outrigger System features a one-handle operation and stainless-steel roller bearings that provide optimal control, even in rough conditions. These outriggers are made out of carbon fiber, which means they are both lightweight and strong. They are available in lengths of up to 22 feet, as well as internal and collapsible models.

Deluxe Outrigger Systems

Our Deluxe Outrigger System is a more affordable option for sportfishing boats. The outriggers offer the same quality as the Bluewater system but are made with a more cost-effective carbon fiber blend. Deluxe outriggers also feature a one-handle design that allows you to adjust them from under the T-Top.

The Deluxe Outrigger System comes in 16-foot and 18-foot sizes and has a hybrid pole. You can also opt for collapsible or internally rigged options.

Coastal Outrigger Systems

The Coastal Outrigger System features a stainless steel base that you can position at any angle. The winner of the 2020 Miami Boat Show Innovation Award, these outriggers allow you to use hybrid poles and are an ideal option for deep-sea fishing or casting at the sandbar.

Upgrade Your Boat with Gemlux Outriggers

Ready to enhance your fishing trips with outriggers? Gemlux has everything you need to start reeling in more catches. Contact us today to learn more or browse our boating accessories online!