GemLux Wins 2020 Innovation Award for Fishing Equipment, Gear, and Tac

GemLux Wins 2020 Innovation Award for Fishing Equipment, Gear, and Tackle

Each year, the Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show recognizes new, groundbreaking products in the marine industry with their Innovation Award. This year, the judges evaluated 71 products across 21 categories, ultimately selecting 18 winners. The GemLux team is excited to announce that our Coastal Base System won the 2020 Innovation Award in the Fishing Equipment, Gear, and Tackle category. After almost 60 years in the industry, we are proud to continue to be recognized as one of the most cutting-edge marine hardware companies.

The GemLux Coastal Base System: A Groundbreaking Solution for a Variety of Needs

The GemLux Coastal Base System was created with versatility in mind – it serves a wide range of boating and fishing purposes. It features a stainless-steel patent-pending base design that can be positioned at any angle. This allows boaters to use the system for fishing with traditional outriggers or as a holder for kingfish rods, a center rigger, or a GemLux boat shade!

Our Coastal Base can hold both 12-foot and 15-foot hybrid outrigger poles and is also designed to work with shade specific poles. Because it can be adjusted to any angle with 22.5-degree increments, users can achieve unparalleled precision when positioning boat shades, fishing rods, and outriggers.

Both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and individual consumers can install our Coastal Bases on their vessels. The system comes with everything you need for a simple, streamlined installation, and instructions can be found on the GemLux website for added convenience.

True Customization with Endless Possibilities

Whether you’re looking to enhance your deep-sea trolling or simply need an adjustable shade to provide some relief from the sun’s rays, our Coastal Base System is the perfect solution. Its precise adjustability allows you to create a custom setup that meets your unique needs as well as your boat’s specifications.

Can’t decide between outriggers, rod holders, and a boat shade? You can even switch between all three depending on your boating agenda. Or, install our Coastal Bases in addition to your current outrigger bases to create much-needed shade for those long days out at sea.

Enhance Your Fishing and Boating Experience with Help from GemLux

GemLux has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality stainless steel, titanium, and carbon fiber marine parts and accessories since 1961. As a leading boating hardware company, we’re dedicated to creating cutting-edge products that enhance and simplify our customers’ boating and fishing experiences.

For more information about our award-winning Coastal Base System, contact GemLux today!