Best Folding Boat Deck Chairs: The Top Folding Deck Chair for Boats

Our Favorite Folding Boat Deck Chairs For All-Day Comfort

If you're like most boaters (who prioritize comfort and style), you've probably considered several different types of boat deck chairs to find one that’s just right. Not every deck chair for boats is built the same, so it can take some time to find the perfect one. We've tested several for durability and comfort to help make the selection process a little easier. Here are the three best folding boat deck chairs, plus a few tips to help you pick the one that’s right for you. 

Criteria for Selecting the Best Folding Boat Deck Chairs

If you're not into shopping around, it can be tempting to purchase any folding chair at the store and hope for the best. Later, you might discover there were better choices for your boat. Here are the selection criteria we recommend for finding a high-quality boat deck seat:

  • Durability and material quality. The material that your boat seat is made from should be long-lasting and made from quality materials that don’t scratch or tear easily. Since it will be a mostly "outdoors" chair, you want something you won't need to replace every year or so due to wear and tear.
  • Comfort features. Does the chair have adequate padding for all-day comfort? Does it offer back support? Is it made with an ergonomic design that you'll be comfortable sitting in every day?
  • Ease of folding and storage. Deck chairs aren't necessarily going to be out on the deck at all times. The best deck chairs are easy to fold and store out of the way when they're not in use.
  • Resistance to weather and marine conditions. Any deck chair fabric runs the risk of mildew, water stains, and other issues over time. You want a boat deck chair that will be resistant to marine conditions.

Top Picks for Folding Boat Deck Chairs

Chair 1: Wise 3316 Boaters Value Folding Deck Chair

The Wise 3316 Boaters Value Folding Deck Chair from Boat Seats is an excellent choice. This folding chair is designed with thick, high-compression foam padding, which is excellent for long fishing trips or relaxing on the water with a few cold beverages. 

The frame is made from anodized aluminum and high-impact plastic, so you will never have to worry about rusting parts. The upholstery is made from marine-grade vinyl and is resistant to mildew. The chair is also UV-treated, so it will last longer in the sunlight without fading. It also folds up nicely and can be tucked away when not in use.

Priced at about $250, this folding deck chair comes in white.

Chair 2: Navy Padded Aluminum Deck Chair - High Back

This Navy Padded Aluminum Deck Chair from Wholesale Marine is exceptionally stylish. The frame is made from anodized aluminum, and the armrests are designed with varnished hardwood. It has foam-padded support for your back and thighs, making it a comfy chair for lounging on your boat or the dock.

The fabric for the upholstery is 700d polyspun. This type of polyester won't fray over time, and it has built-in UV resistance, so it won't quickly fade when exposed to sunlight. It's also a highly puncture-resistant material. The fabric can last up to 20 years if well cared for and not left out in the elements.

These are sold as a two-pack of chairs for $185.99.

Chair 3: YETI Trailhead Camp Chair

You might not think about looking at a camping chair for your boat, but the YETI Trailhead Camp Chair from Marine West holds up surprisingly well. This is a no-frills chair made from durable and breathable fabric with a sturdy frame built to last. It's very lightweight and fits into a YETI carrying bag that comes with it.

For a chair with no padding, it's still very comfortable to sit in. The fabric is UV-rated. The bases of the chair's feet are designed to help it grip the deck of your boat. It even has an adjustable cupholder.

It's priced at $300 and comes in navy blue or charcoal.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Boat Deck Chair

Though our top picks for folding boat deck chairs are all solid choices, there are just a few more things to consider before purchasing.

First, think about the storage and space constraints on your boat. Sometimes, people buy too many chairs at once because they overestimate how much room they have to store them. Ensure you have adequate space for the number of chairs you want to buy.

Boating is also a lifestyle, so the aesthetics of your chairs are another critical consideration. The chairs' aluminum, white, and navy blue colors listed above should match the decor for your boat nicely.

Finally, you'll want to consider your budget. Ultimately, you'll pay a little more for quality designs. Though this is a worthwhile investment, you can go with a less expensive model to hold you over and save up for nicer seats in the future. 

Stay Stylish and Comfortable with Gemlux

The Wise 3316 Boaters Value Folding Deck Chair, the Navy Padded Aluminum Deck Chair, and the YETI Trailhead Camp Chair are all great choices when shopping for a boat deck chair. They meet all our criteria regarding durability, comfort, ease of folding and storage, and marine weather resistance. When you've got your chairs picked out, you'll want to check out our selection of boat shades, fly shades, and umbrellas for added sun protection.