What Is Drone Fishing? | What You Need to Know About Fishing Drones

How Drones Are Changing Fishing in 2021

As technology improves, people find ways to make things easier – even sporting activities like fishing. Many people enjoy going out on the boat and casting a line all day, whether they catch something or not. It's not so much fishing for food that they like; it's spending time with friends and the challenge of finding and landing a catch.

The challenge is part of the fun; however, anglers of all skill levels often lean on various technologies to help them identify the most active fishing spots. One cutting-edge tool making waves in the fishing world? Fishing drones.

What Is Drone Fishing?

When you use a drone for fishing, you are not really fishing with it. Instead, you are scouting for fish. You can also use the drone to carry your line out farther than you could cast it. Here’s a closer look at a few of the ways modern fishermen are using drones while on the water:

Searching for Fish

A drone with a high-resolution camera can scout out schools of baitfish, honey holes, and more. As long as you can reach those spots, you can fish them. A drone is better than a fish finder in that you don't have to troll the area and scare the fish away.

Another benefit is that you'll be able to see where schools are hiding around underwater structures where the draft of your boat might not be shallow enough. Plus, you can check areas for fish in a few minutes, speeding up the process and making your trip more successful.

Finally, a drone comes in handy when you have never fished an area before – you can keep your boat safe. You can also scan for currents or look for specific fish instead of guessing and pulling out something you don't want.

Casting Help

Most people are lucky to be able to cast 50 yards. However, an unsuccessful cast could scare some fish away from your boat. A drone, on the other hand, can carry your line out to where you want it and drop it. You are only limited by the length of the line on your reel. This is especially handy when fishing from the shore or trying to fish a honey hole that’s too shallow for your boat to reach.

Drone Casting and Pulling

Casting and pulling means that you let the drone do all the work. The drone brings the line out, drops it where you want it, then will pull the fish in for you. However, because a drone can only lift so much, the fish you pull back in with the drone won't be that big. Still, it's the first step to bigger and better, though true anglers would call this overkill. 

Submarine Drones

The newest technology is using underwater drones. These devices are submersible, and you can use them to locate fish and more. If you choose a good underwater drone, you can use it in saltwater, frozen lakes, rivers, and freshwater.

Drone Fishing Regulations and Ethics

Drone fishing provides a lot of advantages, including getting more fish. However, some states might not allow drone use, so always check before you head out with your device. Additionally, states have different regulations for drones and fishing. It’s important to understand these laws to ensure you’re always in compliance. Drone laws might include not flying over federal buildings, a drone weight limit of 55 pounds, and an altitude limit of 400 feet.

Ethics should not come into play as long as people stick to their state's fishing regulations, including rules for size and weight. Overfishing a spot "just because you can" makes fishing unsustainable and causes more regulations so others cannot enjoy the sport – with or without a drone.

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