Five Boat Shade Cover Ideas | Top Boat Shade Solutions for the Summer

Five Boat Shade Ideas to Keep You and Your Crew Cool This Summer

Summer is almost here, and for many of you, that means endless opportunities to enjoy time on the water – from fishing in the lake or ocean to simply lounging on your boat with friends and family. No matter your ideal summer activity, few things spoil outdoor fun faster than uncomfortable heat and sunburns. Fortunately, with all of the attractive and functional boat shade solutions available, you and your crew don’t have to suffer under the beating sun.

Below, we’ll discuss five boat shade canopy ideas to get you started on your quest for comfort and safety, so you and your passengers can get the most out of your time on the water this summer.

1. Fly Shades

The GemLux Fly Shade is easily stored on your boat and can be set up quickly whenever you need some relief from the sun’s rays. This shade is designed to work with GemLux’s Coastal and Deluxe Base Systems, as well as the Collapsible Bluewater Outriggers. The Fly Shade kit comes in three separate sizes to fit a variety of vessels and provides a shady seating spot on the back of the boat.

2. T-Top Shades

As the name implies, T-Top shades are shaped like the letter T. They are relatively easy to install because they are made from a spandex-like material that stretches to meet different size requirements. Plus, they’re available in a variety of sizes, which makes installation even easier. However, if you typically carry multiple passengers on board, these shades may not offer an adequate amount of coverage due to their shape.

3. Marine Umbrellas

Marine umbrellas are designed for use onboard your vessel. While they work well for stationary situations, such as while your boat is anchored, they aren’t recommended for use in windy conditions or while traveling. This is because they’re attached to the vessel with a clamp and can blow over (or away) if there is too much wind. However, marine umbrellas are typically quite inexpensive, which makes them a great option to carry on board as a secondary source of shade or backup method. They’re also great for those times when you decide to enjoy a spur-of-the-moment onshore stop during your outing.

4. Outrigger Shades

If you have a larger vessel and routinely set sail with family and friends, GemLux’s outrigger shade is an excellent choice. This option can be attached to any GemLux outrigger and base system using just a few clips. That way, you can go from fishing under the sun to lounging in the shade in a matter of minutes. Our GemLux Shade is available in three sizes to fit a variety of boats.

5. Beach Canopy Tents

Don’t forget about beach picnics and other dryland activities that might require protection from the hot rays of the summer sun! A beach canopy tent is essential for ensuring that any spontaneous shoreline stops you take during your boating trip are comfortable and enjoyable. Without one, you could waste time trying to find a naturally shady spot to relax or, worse, return to your vessel with a bright-red sunburn. This item can be folded up and tucked away while not in use, and, in a pinch, you might even be able to use it as a substitute for a traditional boat shade.

Ready to hit the water this summer? GemLux is here to help you enhance your boating experience with our wide range of high-quality marine products and accessories. Feel free to reach out to our expert team for more boat shade cover ideas and inspiration for maximizing all of your summer boating experiences while staying comfortable and safe.