The BEST Outriggers for Superior Fishing | Best Carbon Fiber Outriggers

Why Gemlux Offers the Best Outriggers for Superior Fishing

An outrigger system is a crucial component of any deep-sea fisherman’s arsenal. A high-quality system can make your fishing trips more efficient and effective. Avoid frustration and coming home empty-handed with the finest outriggers in the game.

Gemlux’s outriggers are the smart choice when it comes to installing or upgrading your outrigger system. We offer some of the best carbon fiber outriggers available, all of which can be customized to fit your needs. Make the most of this fishing season when you invest in the best outriggers on the market.

Ready to reel in a great catch with every cast? Set sail with outriggers from Gemlux! Here’s why our brand is your go-to for the best outrigger bases and more. 

What Makes Gemlux Different?

As the world’s leading stainless steel marine hardware supplier, we aim to exceed industry requirements when it comes to quality and innovation. Our products are easy to install and made of the highest quality materials. We use stainless steel and a unique electropolishing process to achieve a beautiful and corrosion-resistant finish on our systems. 

Our experienced customer service team is always available to support Gemlux customers. We also provide a strong warranty policy, so you’re never without deep-sea fishing essentials. 

How Do Our Outriggers Help You Catch More Fish?

Outriggers are poles that attach to your boat that allow fishermen to cast more lines in a wider spread. There are many benefits to using a Gemlux outrigger system while deep-sea fishing.

Increase Your Chances of Hooking Fish With a Wider Spread

Outriggers allow you to place lines wider and farther behind your boat as you troll. There are several techniques to doing this, such as running a tight spread, long spread, or staggering the spread. Outriggers allow you to test out a combination of spacing methods. See where the fish are biting, then adjust the position of your lines.

Say Goodbye to Tangled Lines and Knots

The ability to spread your lines wider and at varying distances behind the boat leads to fewer tangling lines while trolling and turning. This saves time and reduces frustration during your fishing trips.

Keep Bait and Teasers in Clean Water Where Fish Can See Them

Boats create wake, or whitewater, as they troll. The wake can be seen above the surface and creates visual disruption below the water. This means fish have a more difficult time seeing bait that gets swept up in your wake. 

Outriggers allow you to strategically place your lines wider out or farther behind the boat, avoiding the whitewater. With more clarity, fish will find your bait with ease.

Get a Better View of Fish Outside the Whitewater for a More Exciting Trolling Experience

Just as the wake prevents fish from seeing your bait, it also inhibits your ability to see the fish. Placing your bait outside of the whitewater with an outrigger allows you to more clearly spot fish activity. Then, you can adjust your lines accordingly.

How Do I Know Which Outrigger System to Choose?

Gemlux offers carbon fiber outriggers with pole lengths up to 22 feet. With a variety of options to choose from, we have an outrigger system that is sure to meet your needs. Our convenient one-page chart outlines the features and uses of each base system and outrigger pole set to help you decide which is best for you. 

Our outrigger systems include: 

  • The Bluewater Outrigger System. A great option for big-game fishermen and high-speed trolling.
  • The Deluxe Fishing Outrigger System. This outrigger works well for those who want a system that looks good, is more affordable, and can pull multiple lures.
  • The Coastal Boat Outrigger System. An affordable option for those looking for shade, occasion outrigger fishing, and kingfishing. 

Boat With the Best to Reel in a Personal Record-Breaking Catch

With some of the best outriggers on the market, Gemlux is your go-to for the finest outrigger systems in the game. With a variety of options for all levels of fishermen and budgets, you’ll find a system that works for you. Let’s get ready for a successful fishing season together.

For questions about our outrigger systems and other fishing or boating essentials, contact our customer care team.