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Why Gemlux Offers the Best Marine Hinges

When you’re out on the boat, whether you’re anchored at the sandbar or fishing far from shore, the last thing you want to worry about is the hardware on your vessel. Components like hinges that break suddenly due to corrosion or general wear and tear can lead to water damage in your storage areas and cabin.

Is it time to replace or update your stainless-steel marine hinges? If so, it’s important to choose the best marine hinges available to make sure they can withstand rain, sun, salt, and more. Gemlux marine hinges are made using the specialized Gemlux electropolishing process – a procedure we’ve perfected over the years to provide you with the highest quality components on the market. Our method ensures that your stainless-steel hinges for marine applications will last for years to come.

From deck hatches to console doors, live wells, side entry doors, and transom doors, any area of your boat that needs a hinge will benefit from our specially manufactured components.

What Makes Gemlux Marine Hinges Different?

When we manufacture our hinges, we put them through an electropolishing process that deburrs, brightens, and passivates the stainless steel. This not only provides a sleek, uniform finish, but it also protects them against the elements. Additionally, our process removes iron from a 1:6 to 4:1 ratio, which enhances the chromium, a component of stainless steel. The result? The chromium oxide layer will not peel and is extremely resistant to corrosion.

Our electropolishing method involves placing stainless-steel hinges on a copper rack and immersing them into an electrolytic bath. Then, we run electricity through the rack and the hinges sitting on it. This draws the iron (which is highly susceptible to rust) off the hinge’s surface. Another way the Gemlux process goes above and beyond? We remove the iron sludge from the acid solution every day so that it does not build up and decrease consistency.

How the Gemlux Manufacturing Process Counteracts Corrosion

During manufacturing, the fabrication and machining processes bring out more iron in stainless steel, which must be removed to limit the chances of corrosion in the final product. To accomplish this, we use a method known as passivation.

Immersing a part in nitric acid only removes the iron and iron oxide from its surface, which creates a false skin and allows the iron beneath the surface to continue rusting. The Gemlux process uses thorough passivation to remove all iron and iron oxide, even below the false skin.

Finding the Best Marine Hinges

Your boat’s hinges, latches, and other hardware are constantly exposed to water. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in components made from rust-resistant stainless steel. When you choose hinges made with the cutting-edge Gemlux electropolishing process, you’ll have long-lasting hardware that looks as great as it performs.

Why Friction Hinges?

Doors and hatches that slam shut can compromise the integrity of your boat and its hardware. That’s why we make friction hinges, which can stay open at specific angles for extended periods of time. Not only does this keep doors and bulkheads from closing suddenly, but it also makes it easier to access your storage and cabin areas.

The Gemstallation Kit

Our hinges do not come with fasteners; however, we offer an installation kit that includes chrome-plated, stainless-steel fasteners. Our 110-piece Gemstallation kit is also stocked with machine screws, washers, nylon insert lockouts, and 3M 4200 Fast Cure Sealant. This allows you to install hinges, latches, rod holders, cleats, and other hardware on your boat with ease.

When you need quality parts for your vessel, Gemlux is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our cutting-edge marine and boating accessories, or browse our entire selection today!