Best Fishing Rod Holders for Boats | Stainless-Steel Rod Holders

Best Fishing Rod Holders for Boats | Stainless-Steel Rod Holders

Whether you’re running multiple lines or simply want a place to put your rod when you’re underway, a fishing rod holder is essential. At Gemlux, we offer four different rod holders: the Coastal, the Deluxe, and the Bluewater. All three options come in 30-degree, 15-degree, and zero-degree designs, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. They are also available in stationary or swivel models.

Our range of fishing rod holders accommodates all types of anglers, from those who fish inland to those that prefer chasing big game fish, such as swordfish or bluefin tuna. Because they’re made of stainless steel and feature a black sleeve, they maintain a sleek, clean appearance on your boat – even when fishing-related gunk builds up inside. Additionally, all of our rod holders have a plug in the bottom that can be removed to allow water to drain.

The Coastal Series

Gemlux’s Coastal rod holders are made for light tackle and inshore fishing. They mount to the gunnel of your boat with three screws, have a riveted pin inside, and are spot-welded in three places. Plus, because they are more affordable than our other rod holders, they are ideal for casual anglers or those who are newer to the sport.

The Deluxe Series

The Deluxe Series offers a sturdier design, featuring a cast pin and welding all the way around. These rod holders also mount to the gunnel with three screws, but they feature an optional backing plate for added stability. This system is ideal for use with heavier tackle and provides the durability needed for deep-sea fishing.

The Bluewater Series

When you’re going out on a heavy-duty offshore fishing trip, you’ll want one of our Bluewater fishing rod holders. They are available in three sizes, and the medium and large options have built-in cupholders. Like the Deluxe Series, Bluewater Series rod holders come with an optional backing plate. 

Installation is simple – just drill the hole you need in the gunnel, slide the gasket on, place the fishing rod holder in the hole, put the spacer in place, and thread the nut on. You can also purchase a special socket to help you install your Bluewater Series fishing rod holders.

Choosing the Best Fishing Rod Holders

Looking for the best rod holders for boats? We offer a variety of high-quality rod holders in zero-degree, 15-degree, and 30-degree angles, as well as stationary and swivel options. The best choice for you depends on your boat, the type of fishing you plan to do, and the rod you use. For example, if you prefer your rod to stand straight up, you’ll need a zero-degree fishing rod holder. This keeps the line closer to the boat and is useful on the corners of the transom.

Meanwhile, 30-degree rod holders are commonly used along the sides of the vessel. They help keep the line away from the boat, outboard motors, and dredge poles. They can also keep your line out of the whitewater generated from your wake. 

Fishing Rod Holder Materials

At Gemlux, we build our fishing rod holders with stainless steel to minimize rust and corrosion. Additionally, because steel is more durable than other materials like aluminum, you can rest assured that your holder will not fail you right when you need it most. One tip to make your fishing trip more productive? Add a series of different rod holders onto your boat to stay ready for anything!

For more information about our fishing rod holders or other boat accessories, contact Gemlux today.