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The Best Boat Deck Shoes for Slippery Decks

No matter what kind of boat you’re setting sail on, you can expect some amount of water to get on the deck – whether from fishing, swimming, or waves. Even a non-slip deck has the potential to become slippery when you add water to it. Therefore, you need the right shoes to keep you comfortable and safe while you’re cruising or reeling in a catch.

Looking for the best boat shoes for slippery decks? First, you’ll need to look for something with a soft sole that won’t damage the boat. However, the sole should also provide enough traction to avoid slipping. Additionally, any deck shoe you choose should:

  • Not pick up rocks or sand
  • Dry quickly
  • Have drainage
  • Not scuff the deck
  • Have good traction

Ready to start shopping? We’ve put together a list of our favorite boat shoes to wear from deck to dock. Let’s take a look!

1. Timberland 2-Eye Boat Shoes

    Timberland’s 2-Eye boat shoes feature a perforated foam pad that allows water to drain to the bottom but not out of the shoe. Despite this, the shoe dries out in about an hour (which is no time when you’re busy casting and catching up with friends).

    2. Dooney & Bourke Regatta

      While these shoes are stiff out of the box, they form to your feet as you wear them. The Italian leather uppers also become soft once they get wet, allowing for a more comfortable fit. Hand-sewn to a siped outsole, the uppers feature Swiss stainless-steel eyelets that are corrosion-resistant. Plus, the soles stick easily to smooth surfaces for excellent traction. Like the Timberland shoes, the Regatta does not drain but will dry in less than an hour.

      3. Xtratuf Spindrift Kryptek Pontus

        Looking for a deck shoe that slips on and drains quickly? Xtratuf’s Spindrift Kryptek® Pontus is an excellent option. These shoes are even comfortable enough to wear while you stroll around town or the marina. Plus, because they drain, you can use them for wade fishing or surfcasting. The shoe features a removable insole and elastic laces. While they offer good traction, the soles do have lugs, so it’s important to check them for small pebbles before you step onto the deck.

        4. Irish Setter Lakeside

          If you want a deck shoe that lasts, the Irish Setter Lakeside is it. This shoe offers good traction, oiled leather uppers, stylish fabric sidewalls, and a moisture-wicking material inside. The soles feature siped pods and dual textures to help provide a better grip. While they drain slowly, they dry faster than most fabric shoes.

          5. Xtratuf Bluefin

            This fabric deck shoe features regatta styling with synthetic leather-trimmed mesh uppers and stainless-steel weep holes with mesh covers. The Bluefins have a chevron tread to provide excellent traction; however, they don’t pick up rocks or pebbles.

             6. Olukai Puhalu

              If you need something that slips on and off easily, Olukai’s Puhalu canvas shoes are a great choice. The insole provides exceptional comfort and can be removed and washed as needed. While these sailing shoes don’t drain, they dry quickly due to breathable canvas fabric.

              7. Olukai Moku Pae

                Another great option from Olukai is the Moku Pae, a sneaker-style boat shoe that features breathable mesh uppers. The sole is made from “Wet Grip Rubber,” which provides traction without marking your boat deck. The best part? These shoes feature Olukai’s patented Drop-In Heel®, which turns them into a convenient slide.

                8. Columbia Megavent II

                  These men’s boat shoes are comfortable enough to take you on a stroll into town after your fishing trip. The mesh fabric and drain holes in the outsole channel allow the shoes to drain quickly and keep your feet from sitting in water for too long. Additionally, the drains have a mesh covering that prevents sand and debris from getting inside

                  9. Xtratuf Chumrunner

                    For those who like the retro style of canvas shoes, the Xtratuf Chumrunner fits the bill. The fabric is extremely soft, as is the foam liner – making it the perfect choice for long days on the water. However, the weep holes in the insoles do not allow water to drain, and they are quite slow to dry. So, while these shoes might not be the best choice if you plan to be in and out of the water, they’re still a good option for cruising due to their grippy chevron-style tread.

                    10. World Wide Sportsman Lakefront 2-Eye

                      World Wide Sportsman’s deck shoe features a deeply padded interior that makes it exceptionally comfortable; however, this also means it doesn’t drain well and takes a lot longer to dry. Like the Chumrunners, we prefer these for cruising as opposed to fishing or wading. The tread doesn’t pick up rocks, and the soles are soft enough so that they won’t scratch your deck.

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