Deluxe Collapsible Fishing Outriggers | Carbon-Fiber Boat Outriggers
GEMLUX® Deluxe Outriggers enable you to fish a wider spread, keeping your baits and teasers in clean water where the fish can see them  You are able to pull tag lines and large lures with ease. Getting your spread outside the whitewater also lets you see the fish much better for a more exciting trolling experience.

The collapsibility of these poles allows you to easily store them in compact places for the off-season or when you don’t need them while you are out on the water.

Our patented clamping system is a vast improvement over the previous generations of clamping systems for collapsible outriggers. They are made from machined aluminum and will function better, for longer and will last much longer than anything else on the market today. We also designed integrated rollers into them making for better halyard function and management. The swiveling guides make setting your lines easier and cleaner. This system is best for those that want to fish better. 

18' Deluxe Outrigger Collapsible Hybrid Pair (poles only)
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